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Data Management Services

Taking your business insights to the next level

We know the challenges of dealing with indirect sales channels.  From managing wholesale distribution to retail inventory, pricing and sell through it can be a full time job just keep track of what's been sold.  Many times you don't know what's going on at retail until it's too late to address the issue.

To help solve this problem, we do the heavy lifting of connecting you with data from distributors and retailers so that you can have a clear picture of sales, distribution and consumption all in real time.  So whether it's 5 or 50% of your business, we help you understand what's going on in complex routes to market. 


Our reporting and tools also provide your sales and operations teams with the information they need to manage their business so they can focus their time on driving sales and growing your business.

Data Visualization

Did you ever wish your business could talk to you?  With the right visual tools you'll instantly know what's working and what's not.

Advanced Analytics

Data shops are good with data.  Consultants are good with analytics.  Why not get the best of both worlds?

Data Layering

Need a place to combine all your data in an intelligent way?  Let us show you how to link what is happening at every step in the supply chain


How well do you know your sales?



of Vending snacks don't sell 1 unit per week per machine


Average user visits an unattended location 3.4 times per week 


The top 100 vending snack SKUs account for 74% of sales


45% of sales  occur between 5pm and 8am in unattended locations

Rebate Management


It's a daunting task to manage retail results two or even three layers down the supply chain.  Our rebate programs help you drive the results with your wholesale and retail customers.   We have a full suite of solutions to help you with everything from tracking sales, requirements and results as well as managing reporting, payment and communications with sales, operations, customers, brokers, trading partners and distributors.

If you are looking generate more "pull" for your products our consumer program solutions can help you to create and manage demand with consumers across an entire sales channel.

Automated incentives help drive retail results

Data Visualization


Dashboard Example

We allow you to see what is going on rather than just looking at the numbers.


About Us


People + Technology + Insight + Experience

Sprout was founded in 2009 to help connect CPG manufacturers with operators and consumers in the unattended retail industry.  Since then we've expanded our reach beyond vending to include food service, specialty retail, natural foods, theaters, convenience and concessions and our service portfolio to includes data management, rebate management. sales reporting, stored value integration & consumer promotions.

Whether you have a well established business or just trying to break in, our technology and experience will help you manage the business you have and target the business you want more effectively.  Our people and insights bring you the best of a data management solution with the sophistication of a consulting partner. 


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59 West End Avenue

Somerville, NJ 08876

The Power of Good Data.

The retail world moves fast and you need to know where your products are selling in real time.  Good decisions require knowing what happens after your product leaves your door.  That's where we step in to take the pain out of third party data management and bring you closer to the consumer.

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